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“YAWN” – not much of an athletic Weds.

Posted on: August 6, 2008

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I’ve been on the run and on the go so much, I just wasn’t able to get out of bed to go play golf this morning! Besides, according to local TV, it was going to rain from midnight on and outbreaks of showers all day…Yeah, right!

It was hot, sunny and horribly muggy all day.

But I did get some work done around the house, but barely made a dent in what should be done. LOL  My life story – she tried but ran out of time and energy!

Getting ready to have a yarn de-stashing sale; I’ll never knit this up because of the time element; desire is there, tho’.

With leaving for Belize, yes, the Belize in Central America, yes, I know it’s a third world country, so is Jamaica, Mexico, etc.  Going to check out the rain forest, etc.  Staying in a resort at the edge of the rain forest and will go to sleep (?) listening to the howling monkeys jump through the trees….looking forward to seeing parrots and macaws in the wild as well as other critters, big and small.


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