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Kathie Lee vs. Hoda (NBC morning program)

Posted on: August 6, 2008

While I have to admit, sometimes when Kathie Lee Gifford was on Regis and Kathie Lee, I did get a chuckle out of some of the things she said. However, while walking through the living room earlier this week and hearing her tell Hoda that she needed to find a man, husband, whatever, this is what popped into my mind….

                 Not everyone needs an old sugar daddy (Frank Gifford) to support her while she tries to further her TV career, father her children, and have affairs that are reported and humiliate the whole family. 

She can thank her lucky stars that I was NOT sitting on the set with her because I would have bitch-slapped her over and over asking her what business it was of hers.  I cannot imagine how Hoda must have felt but being the professional that she is, she smiled a forced smile and didn’t say much.

And then Kathie Lee has the nerve to talk about dating a younger man – hmmm, while married to Frank and while he was cheating?, before the marriage?….

NBC this is a request…..dump Kathie Lee for being so unprofessional – obviously, she thinks she’s funny – she’s just obnoxious!



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I agree with you on Kathie Lee. She is obnoxious. I can’t stand her silly looks trying to be funny, like crossing her eyes, sticking out her tongue, etc. Calling Hoda “Hoda woman”. What IS her problem?

I agree with you. She is always talking over or interrupting Hoda and also the guests. I think she enjoys embarrasing Hoda.

I think it would be really interesting to see if their viewership is down since she’s been on.

not a Kathie Lee fan and not a fan of people who pretend to be something they are not in general…do you think a strand of garlic around mah neck will keep them away?

Does Kathy Lee ever SHUT UP?!!!! How embarrassing to have an investigative reporter like Hoda paired with the self-centered Gifford. What was NBC thinking? On a recent show, two older women were trying to answer a question that Hoda has asked and Gifford kept answering. She was, of course, seated in the center of the group. How do I let NBC know that she is a turnoff?

I must admit, I have not been the biggest Kathy Lee fan; but everyone deserves an opportunity to remake oneself. I wish her the best.

I, on the other hand, know, respected and appreciated the work I have seen from Hoda. However today, Thursday, August 28th, Hoda’s comment about Michelle Obama’s hair was uncalled for, unnecessary, and petty. Despite some of the challenges Hoda has experienced, she is blessed to still have a beautiful head of healthy hair. (An asset to all women, especially to those who spend a lot of time in front of the camera.) The comment speaks of a lack of respect and true awareness of the plight of women. Especially at a time when minority women, in the news, entertainment, politics and in business are shattering the glass ceiling while working hard and persevering despite the glass house we live in and the giant magnifying glass we must do it under.

Today, I applaud Kathy Lee for her quick response and willingness to be transparent, and taking the risk to reveal one of your own hairpiece, it spoke to your own identify with women all over.

Ladies, we all know it is important not to take ourselves too seriously. We are also aware that when you live your life in the public eye, one must realize that you become fair game. I just want to remind us that we are in the middle history making events. Events that will in some undoubtedly affect all of us and the lives of our children. Must we minimize and taint those who are not out for themselves, but are helping to rebuild lives, a nation, and hope?

Hoda, I see you as one who also brings hope. I see you as being better than that. Keep doing the great job you typically do.

Best wishes to you and Kathy both.

Well, re-inventing oneself seems to me that you would TRY to be different – she’s still just obnoxious Kathy Lee.






I enjoy both of them !!!!!!!!!
Excelent pair

Kathie lee is FAB

They make a GREAT TEAM

Watch them EVERYDAY

I so enjoyed Billy Bush – much more than Kathy Lee who is back to being so annoying.

You need to stop with the masks with the make-over people. I like the segment, but why can’t they see the people when they walk out like the rest of you and us. Stupid and silly. STOP IT!

I have stopped watching your 10 a.m. show. Kathie Lee is so awful, I just can’t stand watching her. She NEVER shuts up, and poor Hoda, who remains professional throughout, can never get a word in, even though she has so much more to say. Kathie Lee has made that show so awful.

I’m through watching Kathie Lee insult Hoda. Hoda is such a lady for smiling and taking Kathie’s sarcasm but I don’t have to listen anymore. I loved the young male co-host from Calif who took Kathies place a couple of weeks ago. THINK about making a switch. Kathie Lee is not funny, just insulting!!!!!!!!!

I agree, I have never gone on a web site, like this, but my sister and I were talking about Kathy Lee and how annoying she is, she just gets on your nerves, We LOVE HODA!! she is sweet, sincere, and Kathy Lee is so full of herself, we are also so sick of her.
Poor Hoda just sits there and takes it, why? because she is a lady, and a sweet heart, Kathy Lee needs to get over herself, Get her off the show!!!!

WHY does this woman warrant any TV time at all? I try and like her but it’s SO all about her. She is so hyper and yakky – I agree with another poster here – her “funny” faces are so NOT funny. The crossing of the eyes a particular irritating one. You should read her latest book – again, all about her. She’s STILL going on about the child labor mess she got herself into years back (but according to her, she has changed laws!).

She is crass, tacky and overbearing. How does Hoda do it – day in and day out – putting up with her? Time for Kathie Lee to go away and stay away this time.

Please when there is more than one person it would

be nice if only one person would talk at a time, This

mornings Segment on Calorie Count, I belive that it

was 4 or 5 Talking at one time. (HARD TO UNDERSTAND)

To Hoda comment about her sweatin. I was raised in the South and my grandmother always told me that horses sweat, men perspire, and Women glow. So Hoda U just glow.

Georgetown, TX

I don’t watch the show too much but yesterday I had it on the channel while baking and I almost wanted to vomit.
Kathy Lee is so ignorant and insulting towards Hoda. It had to do with the model for Ralph Lauren. She was fired because she believed Lauren felt she was too fat.

Hoda was shocked and told her height and weight which Kathy Lee replied” you weigh that much!!!”

She then went on to boast her sample size.

Please get that witch off the show. She talks over everyone and has to be the center of attention.

Hoda is intelligent and witty. She deserves a better partner.
I won’t watch the show again. I might throw something at the TV.Can’t afford to buy a new one.

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I watched fri 13 show I thought it vulger if they make men take off their shirts why dont they?

Hey Ladies,, I think Hodi & Kathy Lee are awesome…But sorry u guy’s u are taken..Sarah is HOT !!!!! I am a single man from the Wild & Wonderful State of WV..Layed back waiting on a women like Sarah……Come by and lay around the pool sometime Sarah….I’m not a regular kind of Guy.. Not all about SE_. I don’t Bite..Hope to hear from u guy’s soon !!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to say TODAY Kathy your Hair is so beautiful, simple shows off your beautiful face wow , Please keep it off the face as a ex hairdresser I just wa nted to comb your hai back YOUR face is to beautiful to hide with all that hair,,d

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