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3 lb. 6 oz. Baby Benjamin aka Elvis

Posted on: July 29, 2008

This is Baby Benjamin and Mom, Penny, holding him for the first time.  Benjamin chose make a grand entrance into the world by arriving 10 weeks early  by emergency c-section.  He was immediately transferred to Vanderbilt’s NICU.  He’s doing well or as the Dr. this morning said “excellent”.  Notice all the hair – he even has sideburns – therefore, I’m calling him Elvis.

Mom is now getting to hold the vial of milk to feed him which has been upped to 6 cc’s as of this morning.

I stayed with her last night at the Ronald McDonald House, what a place! Please support it when you have the opportunity!  Spent all day yesterday with her in the NICU and most of the morning; another friend will be there tonight with her.  Poor Mom is so stressed out she’s developed the “nasty” (fever blister, but it’s healing nicely).  She figures she’ll be able to give him his first kiss by the week-end.

It was so touching when she got to hold him; tears streamed down her face! Talk about a “well-loved” baby! He has no clue how lucky he is!!!!!

2 Responses to "3 lb. 6 oz. Baby Benjamin aka Elvis"

What a doll!

I agree – with the sideburns and dark hair – he shall be deemed Elvis!
Precious is he – and his lovely Mother! Will keep all in my prayers. Babies are one of the best things that God has ever put on this earth!

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