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Ah….big golf week-end is over!

Posted on: July 28, 2008

Last week-end was the Braves & Squaws tournament at our club.  It’s a biggie – well over 200 played in this event.  (My husband refers to it as the “Twits and Twats”.)

It was soooo hot; I don’t know how the people that play in the afternoon tee-off time, make it through 18 holes…oh wait, yes, I do to know…it’s called the Beer Babe. LOL

We had a great time with really fun people to play with….we didn’t play well enough to win anything! Somehow, I’ve got to come up with a solution to keep hubby on track to play 2 days in a row and understand it takes both of us to hit off the tee (he suddenly decided he didn’t need to tee off!) No wonder I can hardly move today – too much weight on my shoulders. LOL

Will be heading to Nashville shortly and a stay at Vanderbilt.  A really close friend’s daughter had a premature baby and the mother wants to stay down there till the baby comes home.  She had to have an emergency c-section 11 weeks early; my shift to stay with the mom is tonight.

Having had a daughter that had a brain aneurysm I certainly understand her wanting to be there…I’ve slept in waiting rooms too.

She’s hoping to get in to the Ronald McDonald house tonight. If not, we’re getting a motel room – she needs her sleep as well to get healed from her ordeal also.


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