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Mach 1 spinning wheel

Posted on: July 19, 2008

If anyone is interested, I know of 2 Mach 1 spinning wheels for sale; one finished with tung oil with 3 bobbins and has a plain back so it can be personalized; the other one is stained a dark brown with Mach 1 on the back side and comes with 1 bobbin.


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Why are they for sale? I have been considering buying one of these; my choice has been narrowed to between a Kromski Mazurka or Minstrel and the Mach 1. I’ve spun a little on the Mach 1 at my LYS but not the Kromski’s yet. I would like to get in touch with spinners who own one to see how they like it now they’ve gotten it home.

Susan: They are GREAT wheels; it’s just we never thought we would be taking it so many places and it’s too darn heavy for us “old women”!

where do I find these used Mach 1???? I think I REALLY want one!!! My BFF is starting to spin and so we can’t just share one wheel =)

I got a Mach 1 spinning wheel and I love it. I’ve raved about it on my blog
I’ve even made a couple of youTube videos with my Mach 1 as the star.
Tropical Twister

Spindalinda: Interested in another one? LOL!

Cathleen Weldon: If you’re interested, mine is for sale; too heavy for me to be hauling around; email me at if you want the particulars. I’ll be leaving 8/14 and return 8/23.

About adding another wheel, I think my husband something about “over a dead body” , but then, he’s said that before (LOL). Did you get the wheels & strap “accessory”. It is heavy to tote to meetings (lifting into a car or van). BUT, with the wheels it manuevers easily on a flat surface … Tropical Twister

Spindalinda – it’s not the transporting over flat surfaces, it’s the lifting in and out, etc. I have degenerative neck problems and it doesn’t help that. Plus I’m old! LOL

Are any of these used Mach 1’s still available? I’m very interested in the Mach 1 and the weight would not be a problem as it would stay in the living room–

Yes, they are heavy, but that is where they get their momentum that makes them a perfect production wheel. FYI::: They are coming out with a portable version in the spring!!! So, keep one for home and one for toting. Any questions, get me at

Please tell me there is still a Mach 1 available used!!

are either of these still available? and for how much?

Yes, the dark walnut stained one is still for sale; $425 + packing and shipping; it comes with one bobbin. Are you anywhere near Bowling Green, KY? If you want it, I would be willing to meet you within 2 hours of Bowling Green, for a little extra gas money. Just let me know, thanks!

No, i live in MN. I’m saving up to get a wheel, but don’t have enough just yet for that. Once i have more I’ll check back and see if you still have it though. Thanks 🙂

SpinOlution has just come out with a new 12 pound portable wheel . More information at this address:

I’ve ordered a Bee wheel but I’m waiting for March delivery so can’t say how it spins but I’m banking on SpinOlution. Will be discussing on my blog when it arrives.

Tropical Twister

Keepingyouinstitches – Do you still have the one wheel left? I would love to get it. I’m not sure where you live in KY but I am in IL and I am willing to drive to get it. Please let me know. Thanks very much!

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