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Updates: Bunco and Athletic Weds.

Posted on: July 16, 2008

Just a quickie update on Athletic Weds. – shot a 93 today; had a birdie, a chip in and missed a hole in one by 6 inches!

Now for Bunco on Monday, 7/14 – one of our members of the Bunco group has a Taj Mahal houseboat! She decided to have Bunco on the Boat and then we could spend the night if we wanted.  This is just a little tease until I have time to get the pictures downloaded.  There was a cleavage contest – I have the golf pro and his asssistant agreeing to judge the photo contest.  Then there was so much laughing, etc. (and I’m sure a little dribbling in the panties) that our jaws and sides ached from it.

In a nutshell….the only thing we forgot was a banner on the railing “Bunco Broads on a gone wild Boat”.

Outcome:  I’m too old for staying up till 3ish a.m. – and trying to get by on 4 hours of sleep! LOL


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