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Fri. A.M. at Panera’s

Posted on: July 4, 2008

Welcomed a new knitter to the area this morning, Michelle.  Some people knitted, some ate, some talked and some slurped coffee like it was going to be rationed tomorrow (RoLynn) LOL

Tomorrow will be the first Annual July 4th Celebration on the 5th at Enchanged Enchanted Yarn and Fiber.  Michelle is going to join us!  Have 26 people signed up for the eats, etc.  But, if you go an hour early, we’re going to Kool-aid dye!!!!!

After that, the grill gets fired up and the food will be on the tables.  When it’s dark enough we’ll have our fireworks celebration.


6 Responses to "Fri. A.M. at Panera’s"

Enchanged? LOL

She put it in code Cat, so only the people in the “know” could come…..and who was counting my cups of coffee hmmmmm ???????

@Cat: Hey! If you don’t blog you don’t know the feeling of proofreading and feeling it’s perfect and as soon as you push publish, the typo leaps off the page.
Or ARE you blogging and just not telling anyone?

Nancy………….Mark’s picking on me!!!

Hey, I had been spinning and was so friggin’ relaxed, I just let my fingers do the walking whether they were right or wrong! LOL

It’s so darn liberating and you don’t give a damn!

And I will correct it!

My dearest Cat: You are on your own with Mark – but surely if there’s anyone that can make a come-back with him, it’s YOU!

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