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Posted on: July 1, 2008

Got an email from hubby yesterday saying an “old” high school classmate of ours was going to be in Bowling Green last evening.  He drives a truck and whenever he ventures on I-65, he always makes sure to stop in BG and we go out to dinner and hear about “old” friends.

He and his wife were good friends of ours way back when….they still live in the area where we went to high school.

I honestly cannot imagine still living there!  Having your kids go to the schools that you went to, etc.  But it has worked for them.

Hubby chose a different route – that of a migrant worker – going where the job is.  We’ve met some wonderful friends that we still keep in contact with.

For a while, we were moving about every 4 years – I used to joke that we moved when the house got really dirty!  (Yeah, I know, it must be time to move again – the house is dirty!)

I wouldn’t change it for anything – however, our kids might not agree on that one.

After catching up on gossip about people we knew, we dropped him off at the hotel because he was leaving very early in the a.m.

As we drove away I commented to hubby: Sheesh, do we look as old as he does and wrinkly?  Then we laughed and commented that we weren’t wrinkly because our plumpness smooths out the wrinkles! Sometimes chubby can be good!!!!!


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