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2nd KAL for Baby Surprise Jacket

Posted on: June 21, 2008

This is so choice!  I get to Enchanted Yarn and Fiber for the second KAL and wouldn’t you know, I didn’t have my bag with me that had the project in it!!!  So, I just watched everyone else, etc.

Neatest thing happened tho’, we had a fashion show during the KAL…..

Deloris and her new puppy, Max. (A shih tzu – 10 weeks old and all of 3.5 lbs.)

Then the Navy came in to show us we were in good hands, just like All State Insurance!

Next,  the Army was coming through the front door.  I can assure you that all 10 ladies felt safe, very safe.

Then the most beautimus lady came waltzing in the door – between you and me, I think she was following the Navy and the Army!

That’s what is so fun going to this yarn shop….you never know who or what will come in – such a fun place to be!!!

The knitting hint for this post is:  Be sure you have your project with you! LOL

PS: My bag was in the garage on the floor right next to where I park my car – it made it that far and apparently I had a brain fart didn’t bother putting it in the car! DUH!

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