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Dogs + an envelope of dry turkey gravy = VOMIT

Posted on: June 19, 2008

Haven’t written about the dogs in awhile so will bring you up to date with 4 dogs in one house.

In the kitchen I have a corner cupboard with a turntable.  I don’t always get the cupboard door closed. Derby, our wonderful adopted dog from Freedom Farms in Nashville, that was found wandering the streets of Nashville and is very “street-wise”, decided he needed to check out that little turntable.  He honed in on an envelope of turkey dressing and  unbeknownst (is that a word?) to any adult in the house, was unaware of this.

I was sitting on the couch knitting and Sofi, cute baby Sofi, was cuddled up on my lap.  The next thing I know, she rolls over and vomits.  (Please note that I’m maturing and didn’t call it puke!)  So I jumped up and said to the man in the recliner – “Oh great, now Sofi’s vomiting!”  Heading into the kitchen to get something to clean up the vomit, I looked under the recliner and noticed a very well-chewed envelope.  Picked it up and immediately dumped what was rest of the powdered gravy on the floor.  Why is it when I’m so well-intentioned to clean up a mess, I am the one that makes that mess worse???!!!!!

For the record, Derby, has never thrown up to my knowledge – guess being on the streets for awhile coats your stomach so you can eat anything and everything.


3 Responses to "Dogs + an envelope of dry turkey gravy = VOMIT"

“the man” version:
I think Sofi got it out of the pantry because someone left the door open.
If Derby got it, he would be more sneaky and there would have been nothing left.
We should have smelled their breaths!

Since it was kept on the top shelf, I really doubt Sofi could reach it – even when she’s doing ballet.

More important, Did you drop a stitch? LOL

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