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Ladies Invitational today at Indian Hills Country Club

Posted on: June 18, 2008

You couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day to play golf – low humidity, gentle breeze, etc.

I played well – shot a 93; put a drive on a par 3 within 3 feet of the pin. I was so excited! However, I missed the friggin’ birdie putt and had to settle for a par.  Normally, I would be thrilled with a par, but when you blow a very makeable birdie putt….well, other golfers know exactly how I feel!

Had a fun group that I was playing with and that mixed with the perfect weather, it was a great day! Even tho’ I didn’t win a damn thing!


3 Responses to "Ladies Invitational today at Indian Hills Country Club"

I know Tiger knows how you feel, seems like that is all he did last weekend, LOL.
Congrats on the golf, well done!!

Thanks for the congrats and kudos – when you get to be my age and are competing against those “young, skinny things” that are raring to go after a round of golf, and I need the rest of the day to recuperate, I felt fortunate that I played as well as I did. Perhaps I should suggest to the ladies league that we have a senior division! LOL

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