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Bag Bitch of WWKIP Day

Posted on: June 14, 2008

Enchanted Yarn and Fiber sponsored a WWKIP Day at Greenwood Mall on Saturday, June 14.  There were door prizes, etc.

I am not proud, but envious to say Velma, The Bag Bitch won a Namaste bag with goodies inside!  Not the turquoise one on her left shoulder that she has already purchased (Jim doesn’t know this) and readers, please be informed that makes 2 Namaste bags she has in her clutches; and another one ordered – thus, the name Bag Bitch!!!  And I use that term lovingly. (Yea, right!) I think she was getting ready to stick her tongue out at me – should have waited a few seconds before taking the picture. LOL

Anyway, there were spinners, knitters, etc. there, oh and a hooker, and I would like to add, lots and lots of flowing conversation.  A good time was had by all.

I also want to add that a 9 year old was spinning on a spindle and had everyone in lust!

I cannot believe I had my camera and didn’t get a picture of everyone around the tables! (Slap on the forehead and I could have had a V-8!)


4 Responses to "Bag Bitch of WWKIP Day"

I need to move closer! I miss so much good stuff!

House up the street just sold for $106,000 +7%! Probably even room for the helicopter. 🙂

Good price and if there is room for the big boat it might work lol

I can’t think of anyone who needed a new bag more to keep her knitting gadgets in!!!

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