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Athletic Weds. & hi, ho, hi, ho….

Posted on: June 12, 2008

it’s off to spin I go!!!  You would think at my age, there’s not a whole to get excited about – spinning fascinates  me, not that I can do it yet, but I’m gaining.  It’s so nice to find people willing to share their spinning experiences, etc.  Hurray, for RoLynn and Ashley!!!

As for Athletic Weds., it was just so-so!  I did have a birdie and to get it, there was a very long putt involved…so that kept me going.  I started out really well, on a par 5 in 3 strokes, yes, I know that’s what is kosher, but for me, that’s a monumental feat!

However, and there’s always a however, it was so frickin’ hot….wasn’t sure I would make it for all 18 holes! If the humidity would just go away, I can stand the heat (except in the kitchen!).


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