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A very exciting dinner

Posted on: June 9, 2008

Tonight our dinner consisted of pork chops cooked to perfection on the grill by the man of the house.  I chopped up little red potatoes and had planned to include yellow squash and zuchini, purchased at Farmer’s Market on Saturday.  Alas, the yellow squash and zuchini were missing and I’m positive I purchased them. Therefore, it was just the red potatoes cooked in olive oil with Italian seasoning….so yummy, but would have been better with the squash.

As hubby was getting in the refrigerator, he grabbed a bottle of Powerade and then remarked that it was hot and he had put some in the refrig at noon.  So I explained that I had just put a bottle in there that was in my car, answering the “hot” question.

Then he wanted to know where the cold ones were (keep in mind he put them in the refrig at noon); so I went to the open refrigerator and pointed out to him the bottles that had been in there all afternoon and as I lifted my hand to point to the bottle on the top shelf, I accidently hit the plate of food he had in his hand – yep, dumped everything but I’m so proud of him for not dropping the plate and breaking it! LOL

Then Sofi, Oliver and Derby moved in for the kill!  Recovered the pork chop because they were frantically scarfing down the potatoes and some olives; well, the olives didn’t get eaten – they apparently don’t like them! But they were so busy getting those potatoes!

While eating, yes, in the living room in front of the TV, Oliver started barfing, and barfing, and barfing, etc. I never heard him doing it!  But when I heard hubby’s mouth spewing the expletives, I knew to look. And I said, “becareful putting the recliner down” – yep, he stepped in it!  Which of course caused me to smile and chuckle; he wanted to know why I was so concerned about the foot of the recliner getting in the barf and didn’t bother to warn him to watch where he stepped.

Then to smooth things over I politely said “I’m sorry, I didn’t hear Oliver barfing.”  He said “what would you have done if you heard him?”  I politely said “I would yell Mark!”

I thought it was funny, but I don’t think he did…..


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Ah…the Van Patten dance. No one does it like you guys.

…….and that’s how you spent your evening after we were almost killed!

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