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Another almost finished project

Posted on: May 31, 2008

Headed to Enchanted Yarn and Fiber today for help on taking the Mach 1 (AKA Nola) apart to put tung oil all over her! LOL   Yes, tung not tongue!

After much discussion, and finding out that if I, we, etc. take it apart, there’s a chance of not getting it back together with the precision that is necessary. 

So I took out my “green bag” I’m finishing up.  Worked on that for awhile and then I guess my Adult Attention Disorder took over.  I hate it when I can’t focus!  I just hope that I’m still around  when this stupid stuff happens to my “young friends” – so I can laugh at them! LOL

Finished tunging Nola this evening and sat down to finish the “green bag”; only 3 more rows – and yep, I screwed it up!  Am frantically trying to figure out what I’ve done by frogging it, but this may be a little over my head and I’ll have to head back there either Tuesday or Wednesday after golf!

At any rate, I’m only 3 rows from finishing it!  Even tho’ I’ve had problems getting it started, and now with the finishing touches….I already know this will be the most envied bag at Farmer’s Market with all my fresh grown veggies!

And yes, I’ll get a picture posted if by chance I get it figured it!

And yes, hopefully tomorrow I’ll get the second coat of tung oil on Nola and then watch out Gayla, I’ll be spinning like there’s no tomorrow! LOL


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With Nola the Mach 1 you will out spin me by a mile. I am really enjoying the spinning. On the way home I was trying to figure out when I will be able to go back to make my next payment and spin some more. lol I really like the machine I am using there but want to see the others EnChanted gets in before I make a final decision on which one I am going to get. And I can’t wait to dye what I am spinning.

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