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I bought a new driver

Posted on: May 30, 2008

I have “test driven” a driver from the pro shop the last two times I’ve played golf.  I have fallen in love with the Adams driver!

So today at the turn, I went into the pro shop and asked the pro, John, what his rock bottom price was. He asked me if it had a price tag on it and I replied “$900”.  He laughed and said that’s for the set…then he did a little figuring and said he would take $200.  Well, I’ve been doing my homework and couldn’t find it any where else for less than $299. 

I asked to use the phone in the pro shop and called my husband at work and of course, got voice mail. This was my message:

“Mark, this is Nancy, your wife. You know how I’ve been talking about buying this driver? Well, John said I could have it for $500 or if I would go to FL with him for the week-end, I could have it for $200.  Call me on my cell and let me know what you think.”

Then I realized it was noon time and he might be at home.  So I called him at home and he answered! This is good, because he usually watches the phone ring!!!  Anyhoo, I told him basically what the paragraph above says.  I was so disappointed because he laughed!

So, when I went in to pay for the club after playing the round, he wanted to know if I had heard from Mark – I told him yes, he said he’d get the suitcase out for me to pack!

At any rate we’ve all had a good laugh…..but wait till I tell Mark that he said if I’d buy a putter, he’d take me to Mexico!

Ah, life is good – at least today life is good! LOL




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does this mean the trip to R’ville is out? LOL

Oh no! We’re still going in the morning – John and I won’t be leaving for FL for a couple of weeks! LMAO

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