Keeping You In Stitches

OMG – my golf game is finally coming together….yippee!

Posted on: May 25, 2008

Yesterday, when playing golf I played the front nine pretty good for me.  Then my new golf shoes started to hurt my feet. Luckily, I had another pair in the cart because I thought this would happen.  After changing to these shoes, I realized I had on a “thin” pair of golf socks that made the shoes fit a little looser; and then, it happened!  I had a huge blister worn on my heal – so I took my shoes off and played the last 7 holes in my stocking feet.  Even tho’ the golf world has gone to spikeless shoes, trust me, they do help hold your feet still.  Socks don’t!  So, yep, I pretty much screwed up that round even tho’ it was below 100 – (shh….it was a 99).

But today was a different story! I wore an old comfortable pair.  And shot a 90!  Only had 4 bad holes and the rest were pars and bogies!  Yea for me!!!!!

Husband even commented that my game was coming together and maybe I should be looking for a new driver!  I’m using a cheap (ugly in hubbies words) driver from ebay – that goes straight – who cares that it has a bright cherry red head and yellow shaft (Yes, I’m talking about the golf driver!)  I liked it so much that when another one came available I bought it in case something happened to the original one.

However, I WILL NOT get a new one unless it gives me more yardage!

So, I feel like it was a good week-end on the links for me; however, tomorrow, it’s back to reality and doing housework!  Housework is alway last on my list of things to get done!!!


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