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Give ’em Hell, Hillary!

Posted on: May 19, 2008

I cannot believe I’m going to write about politics which, I’m sure, will invoke all kinds of criticism. But I’m entitled to my opinion as every one else is….

As I sit here pecking away, thinking about the first time I’ve ever seen a political person campaigning…it was extremely enlightening. I liked the message she sent – but from day 1 I’ve felt that the mess we’re being left by George W. needs someone to follow in his footsteps that has experience. I feel that as she says “I can start on day 1”. Having been in the White House before, she certainly knows where the skeletons are, which people can be pushed for this agenda, etc. I’m attaching some of the pictures I took yesterday at Western KY University where she campaigned after attending church. By the way, I think you need to consider the source as far as the sermon goes….this is a gossiping man of the cloth; very inappropriate – Hillary did not commit adultery but I’m sure this minister doesn’t see it this way!

I took 5 flags to wave at the Rally; approximately 15 inches long…these were confiscated! Yes, confiscated! I could have “the flag” but had to remove it from the stick – Note: neither end of the stick was a sharp point.

I told the “security” person who took them to “give them to Hillary and tell her I tried!”

Here’s the frosting on the cake!!! He rolled them up and placed them on the ground!

You never let a flag touch the ground and if it does, it’s to be burned! Apparently our local sheriff’s office is not aware of proper flag procedures. FYI: I think those flags were the only thing confiscated yesterday!


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I’m aghast about the treatment of our country’s flag!! But, I completely agree with your statement about needing someone with some experience AND about the inappropriateness of a gossipy preacher.

Give ’em hell, Nancy!!!!

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