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Nests, birds and the result – POOP!

Posted on: May 14, 2008

Good grief!  There’s a robin that has built a nest in the rafters of our front porch.  Sits there all the time indicating to me, there are going to be babies soon.

However, our front porch is absolutely covered in bird poop!!!  On the windows, on the door, on the shutters, on the brick – and it’s huge piles and goopy!  If I thought it would show up in a picture, I would take one; however, it doesn’t do it justice.

I just hope no one comes to the house and slips in the darn bird poop.

Yes, I know I could remove the nest, but since there are eggs in it, not sure I should do it; BUT, if those eggs aren’t hatched by this week-end, I may change my mind.


4 Responses to "Nests, birds and the result – POOP!"

Perhaps you could knit a little birdie diaper….

Oh, what a good idea! Wait till Christmas and I start selling the willie warmers I’m making! LOL

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