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Enchanted Yarn and Fiber…

Posted on: May 10, 2008

held a pre-opening by invitation only preview of their shop this morning!  HOW FUN!!!  I managed to take a few pictures and will hopefully post them below with snippets of what is going on and who is in the picture.

RoLynn (R, the Mom) and Ashley (L, the daughter) – proud owners of the new Enchanted Yarn and Fiber shop; grand opening on Tuesday!!! May 13

(They are holding a picture of The Loopy Ewe card that they want pictures of where “The Loopy Ewe” shows up; what better place than a pre-grand opening!




What do all knitters love besides yarn and fiber; yep, food!  L to R: just a portion of Velma decked out in turqoise jewelry, that was to die for!  Continuing around the table, June, in the middle of the table, food, on the R side of the table Pat and Diane.






Diane (above) knitted and felted this bag and it was the “DIE FOR” bag of the day!







This is “Karen’s” aka Renee’s husband – not sure what his name is. However, since I keep calling her Karen and that’s not her name, I won’t make myself sound dumber and give him a wrong name.  This is an area where you can sit and knit “called the Gathering Room”.  Note:  the plant in the right hand corner of the picture was taken to the new shop owners from the Friday A.M. Knitting Group as a “We’re so glad you’re open gift”.




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What a nice store, so laid back and welcoming. My first time there and it won’t be my last. I really enjoyed the “your hands on” training. That is the way for most of us to learn. How can you learn when it’s taken out of your handS all of the time? Never turly got that one. But it was a very pleasant place and so were the people.

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