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Posted on: May 7, 2008

Today was “athletic Wednesday” for me.  Headed to the golf course for the first day of Ladies Day for 2008 and wouldn’t you know just as we were getting ready to hit the links, the rain came.

So the meeting started since we couldn’t get out to play right away; about 9 we were headed for the holes. It was a scramble – and for once I was on a good team!  I usually end up being the “A” player when in reality I’m a “B” player (this has nothing to do with bra size).  At any rate we won – with only 2 prizes being awarded.

American Idol:  Poor Jason Castro – had to feel sorry for him last night; however, I have read some articles that he’s so ready to go home – NOT! Doesn’t he realize he’s on the tour?

Health stuff: Damn, cracked another tooth; dentist not optimistic about saving it at all; used some sealant on it; but it’s not working; may have to take a pain pill tonight that he said to use sparingly.  Will start on the antibiotics Friday to ward off any infection that may or may not be there.  At any rate, I’m looking at losing another tooth!  However, this is one hole that will be visible (it’s not like I need any more holes in my head!) and he assured me he would “fill” the hole with a tooth; asked how long it would be a hole and he said “no more than a day or day and a half” – I would have thought the socket would have to heal before sticking anything up there. Oh well, he’s the dentist.

Stopped to see the friend that had endimetrial cancer to see how she was doing.  Low and behold she needs no chemo or radiation, which is good! However, 3 days after she was home, she fell down the steps at home and broke her ankle!  Can put no weight on her foot at all for 6 weeks.  Guess this is a “when it rains, it pours” situation.

Heading to another country club tomorrow to play golf – however, I’m pretty sure we’ll be rained out! Bummer!


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