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What is a “fixed income”

Posted on: May 2, 2008

This morning on CNN I heard them lamenting the fact that with the price of gas, groceries, etc., they felt sorry for people on a fixed income! 

I don’t understand that term.  Doesn’t “everybody” know how much money is coming in?  I think that working people are on a fixed income too; they know what’s coming in and how it has to last till the next payday.  They also aren’t guaranteed that 3% (or whatever it happens to be) cost of living raise that Social Security doles out.

Whenever I hear the term “fixed income” – I can feel the hair go up on the back of my neck because I think it’s a lame term.  Everyone is on a “fixed income” – even those on welfare –

….OK, now I’m off my soapbox!


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THANK you! My skin crawls everytime I hear that phrase 😛

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