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Velma, Emily and I met Gayla at Enchanted Yarn and Fiber this morning. Jan dissed us because of family obligations! How wretchedly cruel of her.

But I’m one up on her because I was spinning today. It is so relaxing and melodic. Of course what I spun could never be considered yarn, yet, because of the unevenness of it, but Rolynn kept assuring me that once I got the right tension, I would be longing to spin a thin/thick yarn.

I’ve already forgotten the kind of wheel I was spinning on but before we left, I tried the wheel with the larger wheel for spinning; too hard to work the foot pedal; then I tried the Mach I (at least I think that’s how it’s spelled) – oh my gosh, the difference of night and day with the foot pedals!

Like golf clubs feeling different, spinning wheels are different too! It was so fun…Rolynn wanted me to bring one home just to practice with and I think I’m already sorry I didn’t! LOL (Just kidding)

My husband emailed me and asked how spinning went….told him how relaxing it was, etc….the next email was….so are we getting sheep or goats!

Another great day at an almost opened yarn shop!!!!!

I’m too excited about my first attempt at spinning tomorrow!!!  I’m one of those that either falls in love with a “project” or I don’t want anything to do with it; but I’m willing to try and learn new things.

Isn’t that what life is all about?!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s update!

Velma, Pat, Emily and I have had this trip planned since last September. We purchased tickets for this hilarious musical at Centre College, planning to make a day of it.

Planned on leaving town no later than 8:30 a.m. Picked up Pat, she’s ALWAYS ready on time! Then to Emily’s…honked once and no one came to the window or out the door. So, I called her and she says “oh my gosh, is it time; I only have on a bra and panties”. So Pat and I decided we would go get Velma; she was ready and waiting too!

So going back to get Emily; I had the brainy idea we should go to Star Bucks on the way. THe other two thought we should call Emily and see what she wanted; she started out with a small, then medium and then ended up with Venti. That set the day! LOL

She was ready the second time we were there to get her! Hurray for Emily!

What a beautiful drive there. We had sort of decided to hit a few shops in Berea and then head to Danville to Centre College for the event of the day.

Emily had to go to the bathroom and wanted to stop at McDonald’s (she’s used the potty there many, many times apparently). As I pulled in to park Pat was telling us about the new bras she had just purchased and said you can’t even tell you have one on. Emily was very interested in this and when they got out of the car, in the parking lot in front of God and everyone else, Emily wanted to see Pat’s bra, which she obliged her!

Velma and I headed for the restrooms! Laughing in hysterics. Then apparently Pat and Emily realized what they were doing and where they were doing it; Emily laughed so hard – well, let’s just say she should have had Depends on!

However, the restroom at McDonald’s (the handicap one) had a sink and blow dryer in the stall, thus saving Emily the embarrassment of wearing wet underwear because she could just blow dry them.

Back in the car and headed off to Berea; when it dawned on us, we’re in the Eastern Time Zone now!

So after much cussing and discussing back and forth, we decided to head for Danville, grab a bite of lunch and then on to Menopause, The Musical.

If this production comes anywhere near you, YOU MUST SEE IT! The songs are from the 60’s with the most hilarious word adaptations. Yes, we all bought the CD and the music book so we can learn the words.

The last song of the show the 4 characters sort of form a kick line and ask anyone in the audience that wants to come up on stage and join in, to do so. I think Pat and I almost broke people’s legs trying to get out of the row and up on stage! Then we were awarded honorary buttons as if we were the part of the cast.

The ride home was extremely lively!

Yep, Emily had to stop at another McDonald’s bathroom. As she was coming out, I yelled at her to go back inside and ask about a place to eat.

She came out laughing so hard! We could hardly wait to hear what happened. Well, the kid behind the counter she was conversing with had one eye that looked one way and the other might, just might have been looking at you, but Emily wasn’t sure! So she first tells us this story and says when you encounter someone like this where do you…..without missing a beat, Velma blurts out – the nose!

So then to get down to the knitty gritty, yes, I meant to spell it knitty, there was a real nice restaurant called The Porch right across the street beside Wendy’s. And Emily was told “they even have Kareoke!” So we’re all in laughing mode that a real nice restaurant has this.

When we pulled in the parking lot there was not one car!!! Must have been a little early for the singing to start. LOL

So we ordered, ate and were on our way – when the conversation from the back seat became….interesting, very interesting. Yes, it was difficult to keep the car on the road – but I sucked it up and did it; what police officer would believe we WERE NOT drinking just laughing when we crashed!!!

I promised that was said in the Dodge Magnum, would remain in the Dodge Magnum. I just hate being sworn to secrecy when the story is so funny!!!

Emily, Pat, Velma and I are off on another road trip….to Centre College….to teach a class on how to have fun!  Yeah, right! LOL

Actually, we’re going to see Menopause, the Musical!  But we’re leaving early to check out a few shops in Berea, KY and then on to the show.

I’m sure there will be some hilarious antics to report.

We’ve had these tickets since last September….yes, we do plan ahead!

Just about 30 minutes till launch time….so “off we go into the wild blue yonder”……….


Owner’s of the new yarn shop, Enchanted Yarn and Fiber joined us “to spread the word”.  Very exciting for our group to be around people that are excited about what they are doing.  I even got a j-o-b out of it!

I get to be the Social Director; I’ve got day trips, overnights, slumber parties, etc. that will be planned.  I figure first we’re going to do a day trip or two to see how it goes; most likely Louisville (first) to visit ALL the shops there.  I’m also up for any suggestions you readers may have so send them in.

Also have a trip planned there (Enchanted Yarn and Fiber)  on Tuesday to get my feet wet with a spinning wheel!  Oh what fun it’s going to be!!!

After getting a preview of the new shop, Enchanted Yarn and Fiber, I feel like I’ve been re-charged to knitting!  Some of that could be the warmer weather and a little more sunshine, but I attribute it mostly to:

1. Finding a pattern I really liked, but didn’t care for the heavier yarn that was suggested

2. The new shop owner taking the time to say you can make it out of any yarn you want – I’ll help you refigure how to do it.  Knit me a swatch, etc.  and the rest is history, I’m off and knitting.

Housework IF I have the time, but knitting is fun again!!!

Bowling league is over and soon the golf league will start.  Since both of these are done on Weds., I decided to refer to Weds. as Athletic Wednesday.

Had plans to golf this morning but the rain took care of that; so off Vickie and I went to bowl.  Nine games later, we decided we had had enough. LOL

I hope I can move tomorrow – I can tell my back will hurt because I tried to throw the ball harder – some things old ladies shouldn’t attempt!  Actually, when I threw it slower, I could control it better and ended up with the last two games as a 160 and a 163; I know, it only took me 7 games to figure that out – the older you get, the slower you catch on (well, some things!).

Jan, Velma and I took a small S.E.X. trip this morning to Russellville where the new Enchanted Yarn and Fibers will soon be opening!

UNBELIEVABLE how well we were received!  Got the grand tour and everything and we were even allowed to “shop a little” of what has already arrived.

No classes will be scheduled during regular shop times; you can always go and knit on whatever you are working on; spinning classes will eventually be taught, how to dye yarn, etc. besides regular help with any patterns, etc.

Saw some great gadgets.  Even jewelry made from old aluminum needles – very creative!

Hats off to Rolynn and Ashley for bringing us more places to shop!!!  And a big THANK YOU for showing us around, etc.  We all feel special!!!  We  look forward to a long friendship with you both!

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One friend has been diagnosed with endometrial cancer and will be having surgery next Monday; another friend got a call that her mother was in the hospital with pnuemonia and gall bladder problems; ended up having emergency gall bladder surgery with the big incision.  Received word that another person’s mother passed away.

I would love to have one year (or even 6 mos. would be wonderful) where everyone is fine, no major illnesses, no deaths, no hospitalizations. 

But I guess this is the age when things fall apart! Dammit!!!!!

I probably shouldn’t be posting this just yet, but I’m excited!  “Some of the special people” are going on a little roadtrip on Tuesday to preview the new yarn shop!  Oh how fun for us!  New gadgets, patterns, yarn, etc.  – this will be like “over the river and through the woods, to the new yarn shop we go”…….

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