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Golf and/or spinning – something is making my ankles ache!

Posted on: April 30, 2008


Came home from golfing this afternoon and couldn’t figure out why my shins and ankles hurt so much. Then I sat down at the spinning wheel to treadle, and lo and behold, I know why they hurt!

Hmmmm…..I’m either treadling too fast or too hard and I’m positive it’s NOT because I’m out of shape!

2 Responses to "Golf and/or spinning – something is making my ankles ache!"

Hey girl, try slowing down your treadling. See how little it takes to turn the wheel. You are 100% on everything, which is a good thing, except when your ankles disagree! LOL

Wow! How much spinning did you have to do to get that achey? I’ve been spinning for a bout a year and a half and I never got that, thank goodness!
Isn’t spinning incredibly addictive?

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