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One loan repaid!

Posted on: April 27, 2008

I’ve previously posted and urged everyone to check out  For as little as $25 you can make a loan to a person or persons in a third world country and it can make such a difference in their lives.

I received notification yesterday that one of my loans has been completely repaid (in 2 mos!).  Now to find a person to loan that re-payment to. 

Since I like working with my hands and creating, I’ve decided, I’m only going to loan to people that are requesting money for their tailoring business, selling fabrics, weaving fabric, making jewelry, etc.  By the time I get through looking through the list of people requesting loans, some of the loans have been fulfilled! There was a group of men that make the most gorgeous wooden baby cradles and by the time I got back to their info, someone had already loaned the $25 to fulfill their request. DARN!  Guess that’s what I get for being so picky!

I know I can’t save the world but making these loans sure makes me feel like I’m helping do my part….along with re-cycling!

Readers – please check it out!

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