Keeping You In Stitches

Sheesh! I could have had a V-8 moment! DUH!

Posted on: April 23, 2008

I never miss American Idol; however, yesterday I must have had a brain fart and forgot it was Tuesday…because off to Barnes and Noble I went to knit!

From what I’ve seen on CNN, it’s time for Brooke to vanish!  I’m tired of her little pouty expressions (she’s a little old for that!)  But what I don’t understand is one other time she forgot the lyrics and was told by the judges that she did the right thing by starting over; but apparently last night Randy and Simon told her she should have never started over after forgetting the lyrics!

I think Kristie should have made it through last week and Brooke should have gone – another Jr. High pouty moment for her.  Certainly, this week she’ll be packing!

On a brighter moment, I did enjoy knitting last night – till I woke up this morning and realized I missed American Idol. LOL

Maybe I got off kilter in my thinking because hubby was home to put up a new gazebo in the backyard; silly me, didn’t realize I was his helper – we don’t normally work well together on things like this; he gets upset with me because I can’t read his mind on what he means when he’s telling me what to do! LOL

PS: I made a beer run at 11 a.m.!

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