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Athletic Weds. – may be getting too old for them! LOL

Posted on: April 16, 2008

I’ve deemed Weds. as my “athletic day” – meaning I’m either going to go bowling or play golf.

Today it was 18 holes of golf; I know it’s early in the season and I shouldn’t be too harsh on myself – but I sure swung the clubs a lot today – BUT…..I avoided sandtraps like the plague!  The was a pretty stiff wind on the back 9 which cost me some strokes….

Then I headed to Target to get a few things; ie: an ion blowdryer – because I read where that’s better for your hair – gotta protect the gray! 

Then home to mow the yard.  It didn’t used to be a problem to play 18 holes of golf and mow the yard in the same day, but today it just wasn’t in the cards.  Or perhaps if the mower hadn’t run out of gas in the front yard, as far away from the gas can as it could get!  I’m sure if I hadn’t run out of gas I probably could have finished the yard. I was too pooped to go the back and carry the gas can around and too pooped to push an empty mower to the gas can.  So I left the mower in the front yard! PFFBBBTTTT

When hubby got home he said he’d finish it – bless his little heart!  OMG, I’ve turned Southern – at one point I was telling Vickie (who I golf with) that her ball didn’t go “fur” enough in the rough to create a problem. Yep, I said “fur”!  She said if she said that her husband would say “we’re moving if you’re going to start talking like that.”

I hope I sleep well tonight!!!!!

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