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Oh my gosh….I was spinning fleece into yarn today!

Posted on: April 15, 2008

Velma, Emily and I met Gayla at Enchanted Yarn and Fiber this morning. Jan dissed us because of family obligations! How wretchedly cruel of her.

But I’m one up on her because I was spinning today. It is so relaxing and melodic. Of course what I spun could never be considered yarn, yet, because of the unevenness of it, but Rolynn kept assuring me that once I got the right tension, I would be longing to spin a thin/thick yarn.

I’ve already forgotten the kind of wheel I was spinning on but before we left, I tried the wheel with the larger wheel for spinning; too hard to work the foot pedal; then I tried the Mach I (at least I think that’s how it’s spelled) – oh my gosh, the difference of night and day with the foot pedals!

Like golf clubs feeling different, spinning wheels are different too! It was so fun…Rolynn wanted me to bring one home just to practice with and I think I’m already sorry I didn’t! LOL (Just kidding)

My husband emailed me and asked how spinning went….told him how relaxing it was, etc….the next email was….so are we getting sheep or goats!

Another great day at an almost opened yarn shop!!!!!

5 Responses to "Oh my gosh….I was spinning fleece into yarn today!"

Her response was that she thought she was spinning Muskox! Sounds big and smelly to me.

GREAT camera person you have there! Looks like you have the hang of it. When does the spinning wheel arrive? It was fun and what wonderful people at Enhanced Yarn and Fiber. I had a good time can’t wait to go back 🙂

Wow, looks like you really got the hang of it towards the end!

I see a T-shirt in your future; Spin Nancy Spin

Mark agrees that there was a “great” camera person!!! LOL

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