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“Bitchin’ bathing suits at Sam’s”

Posted on: March 27, 2008

Got a call this morning from Cat and her daughter, Hannah, heard from her friend (see where this is going! LOL) that Sam’s had some “bitchin’ bathing suits”.  Since I have a Sam’s card she wanted to know if they could meet me there so Hannah could look for a “bitchin’ bathing suit”….Who am I to turn down a good friend to go shopping with!?

So off to Sam’s we go….however, there weren’t many suits left. 😦   Personally, I think Hannah was too polite to say, “well, all that’s left look like old lady suits!”

 But she thought her Mom and I looked cute shopping together because we’re close in height!

When Cat would say something that Hannah would maybe disagree with….Cat’s comment was “just you wait till your ovaries start to dry up!”

3 Responses to "“Bitchin’ bathing suits at Sam’s”"

I feel so special, being apart of your blog! Mom just knew you were going to put something on here about our fabulous shopping trip to Sam’s! ♥

Oh Hanna, Oh Hanna, please forgive me for putting an “h” on the end of your name!

I hold no grudge… I promise! It’s a common misconception that my name is spelled with an h at the end… i’m immune to being annoyed by it now.

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