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Picture of my colon! (from the colonoscopy)

Posted on: March 24, 2008


I know you all are just dying to see my colon!  Dr. said it was perfect!  In fact, I made him repeat that sentence to make sure hubby heard – see parts of me are perfect!!!  In case your interesed the opening towards the right side of the picture is where your small intestine goes into the colon.  (He did take some biopsies)

Now for the best part!!!

This procedure was actually scheduled for Tuesday, not Monday!  I just wrote on the calendar, colonoscopy, and thought that the day before is when I do the prep (Easter Sunday).  They called the Dr. and he said he would do it anyway, isn’t he nice?! LOL  I know he has a soft spot for Dove chocolate so I’ll take him some for the follow up appointment.


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Stumbled across your post and it made me laugh out loud.

Having been told many times by various X-ray techs and probing aliens that my 4th cervical vertebra is reminiscent of the finest of ancient Greek sculpture, I know just how you feel.

Colon, soft spot, and Dove chocolate should not be used in the same post!

[…] Update: Photos and exciting narrative here. Plus the kink in the story you couldn’t predict. […]

OK, so far I’ve received comments that it looks like a rose – so I’m naming my colon, The Yellow Rose of Texas!

GLS — that was EXACTLY my thought about the colon and chocolate. I was okay with the colon (you can call him Colon Powell!) but as soon as Dove Chocolate was mentioned, my stomach did a flip. (Note to self: Do not read a post about a colon while eating a sandwich.)

It’s so pretty! You should frame it… it’s perfect for a fireplace 🙂

Someone just walked in and asked if this was a recipe for apple strudel!!!!

Yes, rest assured this photo will be framed! It will have a special place next to the x-ray photos of my now gone bunions! LOL

Ain’t it a hoot… I did this for the first time recently. See my pic at:

The doc smiled when he gave me the results and said he would see me in 5 years. I don’t think so. Once in a lifetime is enough, and in 5 years I’ll be 70, so who gives a rip. Something’s gonna get me…

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