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What my Easter dinner will consist of…….

Posted on: March 22, 2008

Sheesh!  I have to be the stupidest person!  Only I would schedule a colonoscopy the morning after Easter! (I didn’t realize it was Easter when it was scheduled!)

Therefore, my Easter dinner will consist of Ducolax and Miralax in Powerade!  I’ve already planned on ironing tomorrow; I will iron, run to the bathroom, iron, run to the bathroom (it’s close to the ironing board) oh, yeah, and watch NCAA tournaments.  I love this time of year and all the basketball! 

Mark offered to put a TV in the bathroom for me, however, none of the bathrooms are big enough to hold a TV and ironing board; well, one is, but the logistics wouldn’t work for me!

Therefore, I’m fixing turkey and all the trimmings for dinner tonight – no, ham, just not in a “hammy mood”.

Oh, before I start tomorrow’s “lush feedings”, I’m playing Easter Bunny for a friend that’s in FL; her 30 year old daughter is her baby and she said she would really appreciate me delivering this huge chocolate bunny!  She left it with me before I hurriedly went to FL – so I put a note on it so Mark wouldn’t eat it – “This is Sally’s – DO NOT EAT!”

So no peanut butter eggs for me….crap!


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[…] didn’t doo a very good job of planning her colonoscopy. It’s Monday. Sheesh! I have to be the stupidest person! Only I would schedule a colonoscopy the morning after […]

Miralax? I have a couple of bottles of the stuff in the hallway closet. I’ll tip a glass in your honor. I won’t drink it (I’m better now) but I’ll tip one nonetheless.

I understand they use an anesthetic during the procedure now. I wasn’t so lucky when I had one. 😛

Sending good thoughts your way.

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