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Poor Pitiful Pearl (actually, it’s Amy, but I needed a “p” word)

Posted on: March 20, 2008

amyinfusion.jpgPhoto of Poor Pitiful Pearl (aka Amy).

Had her gall bladder taken out and caught a bacteria in the hospital and now has to have 14 continuous days of infusion treatment with a potent antibiotic to knock the infection.  Sees the infusion doc today but her last day of infusion is 3/24; unless the blood work taken a couple of days ago indicates it’s all gone!

I think that when a so-called sterile environment causes you to get this, the hospital should be liable for paying the co-pays!  Some insurances will allow this treatment to be done at home, but not her insurance.

AAAAGHGHGH! Don’t get me started on insurance! LOL


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Now you know why I keep your 20,000 Words book handy!

LOL! My 20,000 Words book from college, 1966!!!

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