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Last “shitty day in Paradise”…..

Posted on: March 19, 2008

As my daughter always says when she calls us – “it’s another shitty day in paradise, here”!  However, I’ll be heading home this afternoon, ugh, and leave this “shitty paradise”!

She’s doing much better and needs to start doing things for herself! LOL

The sunshine has been wonderful!  Sure would be great to live where it’s mostly sunny ALL the time!!!  Hint, hint, hubby!  This has been the gloomiest, grayest winter we’ve had in KY since we’ve lived here; and if this is the cause of global warming, YIKES!  I’ve heard more people say they understand the SAD (Seasonal affective disorder) now.

Not looking forward to flying in rain after leaving FL but there is no choice.  As long as it’s rain and not stormy it won’t be too bad.

Yep, got my shopping goodies packed and ready to check baggage!

Watch out KY, I’m headed home!


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