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Ahhh….5 years ago in Paris

Posted on: March 19, 2008

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Five years ago (the day George bombed Iraq, looking for Osama in Afghanistan) we walked off a plane in Paris, France.  Didn’t know until reaching the terminal what our country was doing.  Caught our flight in Philly and had to sit on the tarmac for an hour after backing away from the gate – wonder if this was why?

Deposited our stuff at the hotel and took off on foot.  Paris is the best city for walking to see sites – and their metro system is very easy to use.

Walked into the middle of a protest march again Bush – or Boosh, as they called him! LOL

After seeing people carrying 2 x 4’s and jumping up and down on the roof of bus stop stations, I became extremely nervous.  Mark wasn’t or so he said, but he can also see over the top of a crowd where I’m hanging in the fart territory because I’m so short.  He still doesn’t understand that!

I love Paris and would give anything to go back – but there are other places I’d like to visit too; unrest in the world needs to settle down a little for me.  And before you say to me then you’re doing exactly as the Al Quaeda wants, no I’m not!  I’m still interested in traveling, it’s just I’ve become more selective!


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