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I’ve hit the Mother-lode in shopping!

Posted on: March 16, 2008

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Haven’t been able to do much shopping since helping my ailing daughter recover, but I made up for it yesterday and today.  I had explicit orders that when I came down I was not to leave her alone to shop – I could only shop when her husband is home with her. LOL

Her infusion treatments have “really, really infused” her!  She’s doing so much better and I can’t help but wonder if they had removed the gall bladder when they discovered the stones and the pain she was in, would she had gotten this infection and needed the infusion treatments of antibiotics.  Oh well, can’t look back!

Ironic that these treatments can be administered at home; however, the insurance company won’t pay for it!  Never mind that they are paying most likely twice as much for her to go to the infusion clinic.  I’m telling you folks, our doctors do NOT govern our medical care – the damn insurance companies do!

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