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Oh, jeez! I HAVE to go to Florida! (Gall bladder)

Posted on: March 12, 2008

This is just another one of those little sacrifices I MUST do! LOL

Oldest daughter had a severe pain last Thursday. Went to an Urgent Care and they transferred her to the ER.  After being in the ER all day and surviving numerous tests, she was sent home with  a phone number to call a surgeon – needed her gall bladder.  She was also sent home with Percoset for the pain.

She was up all night in pain. Her husband stayed home from work to try and get through to this Dr., which by the way, was just an answering service till 10 a.m.  He was told “Oh, the Dr. won’t see patients until next Tuesday”.  (This was on Friday)

So back to the ER they go.  After laying in the hallway of the hospital till almost 6 p.m., she was finally put in a room.

Saturday morning she finally had the surgery.  Was told that the gall bladder was full of pus/infection. (She had a brain aneurysm (10 years ago) and has a shunt.  Surgeon called in a neurosurgeon because he wasn’t sure about it having leaked into the shunt.

Neurosurgeon said the chances of the infection getting into the shunt were 1 in 1 billion!!! Yep, 1 in 1 billion, but he had to check because he received a call.  Drained some fluid from the reservoir behind her ear and said it was fine.  Yippee…one thing went right!

Then on Monday morning an infectious disease Doc arrived and announced that the infection was in her blood stream and would need aggressive treatment.  She’ll be going home with a PIC line and her husband will administer the antibiotic daily for the next 14 days.

So, should I be ticked that they sent her home knowing the gall bladder needed to come and made her wait almost 48 hours before doing it?  I know that I’m ticked at the Dr. that couldn’t see her till Tuesday! 

I’m wondering how many lives my daughter actually has – to survive the brain aneurysm, and flirting with a gall bladder that could have ruptured at any time…..we all feel like she’s dodged another bullet!

I am not an extremely religious person, however, if God is doing this to her, I feel she’s been dealt enough and it’s now time for him to move on to someone else!

But then I must remember, she’ll be fine and yes, I’m sacrificing and going to Ft. Myers to help her in her recovery – leaving hubby with the 4 dogs!  He may not be glad to see me when I come home, but I know all the dogs will! LOL


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