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Help needed – organizational skills a high priority!

Posted on: February 27, 2008


I’ve reached the point that my sewing/craft room is getting to me!  But don’t move anything because I can usually find it and when I try to “organize” and then find something – it’s usually lost because I can’t remember where I’ve put it!  I know this is a frequent problem with sewers, knitters, etc. – I know I’m not in this sinking ship alone!  I just don’t know where to start! 

Ideas on where to start are certainly welcome.   AAWWWGHGHG   Spring will soon be here and I’m an outdoorsy type person, so I’d like this done before golf season starts!


It’s multiplying into the hallway!  And that doesn’t include stuff stashed in closets…help me, help me, heeellllpppp mmeee!


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Take a deeep breath…now a gin n tonic….then set your timer for 15 minutes. Repeat process tomorrow.
Start with the bookshelf to the right.

Nah, if you know where it is who cares? (Other than it’s in the hall too.) How about starting by getting rid of excess magazines?
We have lots of storage containers!

Isn’t that just like a man! I want to straighten up my sewing room and he wants me to start with magazines in the living room! LOL

Call “Mission Organization” on HGTV. Send them the photo’s and they’ll come right out, organize the whole thing, while they film it and you’ll be on TV and be more famous than ever. And you won’t even have to lift a finger!

what Pat said ….I’ll come over to make sure they get still photos for your blog!

WHOA! Pat! That’s a great idea. That will be tomorrow’s challenge – to get photos and get them submitted!!! Thanks for the suggestion……

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