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Red, White and Blue – the best colors ever!

Posted on: February 19, 2008


This is called a subconjunctival hemorrage!  I had a horrible coughing spell this morning.  Didn’t even know I had done this. Met a friend to go bowling this morning and after we had bowled a few frames, she asked me what was wrong with me eye. I said nothing, it just keeps watering.  She encouraged me to go to the bathroom and check it out. WOW!  My eyes are my favorite colors, red, white and blue!


3 Responses to "Red, White and Blue – the best colors ever!"

What else is going to happen to you? It looks awful painful, but I guess it isn’t or you would have looked in the mirror earlier. Please take care of yourself. Remember, getting older isn’t for sissies.

Boy, that’s the truth!!! I can’t even tell it’s there – my eye is a little “itchy”.

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