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Just asking for a little help…..

Posted on: February 15, 2008

Please check out KIVA!  They are in need of small loans from individuals so that people in foreign countries can work to make a better life.  Please scroll through the list of needy recepients and open your wallet.  You get a return on your “investment”.  Two people needed just $25 more to reach their goal loans; just makes you feel good to help others.  You can check out the organizations, etc.  Some will be paid back within 6 mos.  It’s amazing what a little bit of difference can do.

I hope all my readers will at least check it out – and hopefully be able to help in some small way!  Thanking you in advance – once you read some of the stories, they will tug at your heart.


VOTE HERE! Bunco Women Gone Wild


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