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I absolutely HATE this friggin’ cold weather!

Posted on: February 13, 2008

I keep telling my roommate that I’m not supposed to live where the temperature goes below 60!  It’s falling on deaf ears – has been ignored for years;  since the housing market is in the toilet, wouldn’t this be a good time to “invest” in a place in a warm climate?! 

Our daughter and SIL live in sunny FL (altho’ she said it was a rainy day today) and he’s very handy; we could pay him to fix it up, if it needs be, and head down there to stay when it’s so damn cold you can’t stand it here!  And the best part is the dogs could go too!

I HATE COLD WEATHER!  I HATE COLD WEATHER! I HATE COLD WEATHER – if I want cold weather, I can go where it’s cold, it doesn’t need to come to me!  And that’s the truth! PFFFBBBBTTTTTT!


6 Responses to "I absolutely HATE this friggin’ cold weather!"

We could take my Yukon…so we’d have room for all the dogs!!

I can be ready by noon – how about you?

By all means, if you can get out do it. I live in Michigan and it has been a record-breaking snowy winter, with plenty of bitter cold windy days. I don’t know when it will get better. But if you have the means to get out, I highly suggest you do. If I had the chance, I would be gone in an instant. Give me: Hawaii, Florida, California, Arizona, southeastern Texas (like Corpus Christi). Good luck to you!

I’ve lived in Michigan – no thanks!!! Went to WMU and can remember hiking to class in snow up to my knees! I’ve developed the philosophy that if I want cold, snowy weather, I will find it, it doesn’t have to find me!

I lived in Wisconsin my entire life and I moved 4 years ago, I am 45. I HATE the snow and cold and I am so glad to be in Florida, I miss my family and older sons, grandbabies, mom etc…but that is what airplanes are for. There is no way I would move back and deal with that frigid windchill. I would rather float in my pool!

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