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I did it! Yep, I bought a Blackberry today…..

Posted on: February 12, 2008

Even tho’ I’ve put 3 cells phones through the washer and dropped another one in a toilet, I felt like I needed this Blackberry.  And just to set the record straight, I bought the smaller one ….. because the keys will be harder for a “man’s hand to handle”.  Get the gist here?

My daughter’s response “Oh my God, my mother has a Blackberry…I hope you can figure it out!”

Don’t they say one thing “seniors” (I hate that term!) need to do is to learn new things to keep their brain functioning; so I decided this would be my challenge.  I hope I live long enough to conquer it.

Just think, no matter where I am, I’ll get an email and be able to answer it!  Of course, at first I’ll probably just call the person the email comes from till I get the hang of it.

My husband even blogged about it before I had a chance to blog about it.  This from a man that doesn’t have a cell phone but sure is ready to use mine! LOL

I think the first time he tries to use the Blackberry will most likely be a Kodak moment!

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All I want to know is……..does it have a safety chain??

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