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KIWI paper to embroider on; put in an acrylic glass; priceless!

Posted on: February 10, 2008


Found some Kiwi paper that was advertised to use with acrylics for embroidery purposes.  It is so slick to embroider on – I was amazed.  This was a lot simpler than using the fabric, getting it stiff enough to insert into the glass.  Pretty, huh?

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you need one with bowling pins !!!

I’m working on one with a golf motif now – bowling pins are not a problem either!

Who manufactuers this KIWI paper? I have searched internet with no luck. Would love to try it.

Thanks for any direction.

I purchased it at
I think it’s a scrapbooking type paper. Probably could find it at any craft store – google kiwi paper. Good luck! It’s fun to embroider on….

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Let me clarify this – it is not a $10,000 embroidery machine – and when I do something for him, he never likes it!

Hi Do you know if Kiwi embroidery paper is available in Australia please.

Thanks Janet

I have no idea if it’s available in Australia.

KIWI paper is available all over the world. My name is Scott Clayborne and I am the manufacturer of the KIWI paper. Please contact if you have any questions.

Warmest Regards,


I sure hope other readers give you a call! I love that paper to embroider on.

AllStitch Embroidery Supplies has the kiwi paper, they will ship to any country

here is the link

The best way to purchase Kiwi paper is through Scott Clayborne. His company manufacturers the Kiwi paper and has so many options to choosefrom. He has a great company and any purchaser will be very satisfied with the product.

I believe the company is based out of Chicago and Contact information Phone: 847-414-0798.

I have been trying to reach Scott Clayborne re the KIWI paper since last December. I ordered in November, received half of my order in February and have tried every way of reaching him — fax, phone, and e-mail — all without any response. Makes me wonder what is going on?

I have ordered many times from
great service and excellent pricing, much better then trying to order through scott

I just got a coupon in my e-mail for %15 off at

code is KIWI

I have just purchased the kiwi paper for the first,time not sure of how to use it, do I put it on a contact backing to stablize it?

I ordered kiwi paper from Scott clayborn over a month ago. My credit card was charged but I have not received any of my order. He will not respond to my emails or my phone calls. I am reporting him for fraud

Donna, I hope you called the credit card company to file a complaint; when I order things and can’t get them and my card is charged, I call immediately, fill out the paperwork etc. – if the card companies get enough complaints, they stop them from being able to take their card. Sorry, you had this problem, I’ve heard from others that have too, but I didn’t have a problem; in fact, I spoke with Scott a few times.

Like I posted earlier – just order from AllStitch Embroidery Supplies -> they are fantastic to deal with.

I just got my kiwi paper yesterday. It is as adorable in person, but I keep having problems with the thread breaking. I tried changing needles and thread types, but no luck. Got any tips??

Where do I find the acrylic tumbler to use with the kiwi paper? I have searched the web…not having any luck…HELP. Thanks

Patsy: I use a stabilizer and then 505 – lay the Kiwi paper on top and embroider.

Angela: That’s the first I’ve heard of thread breaking; are you doing an actual design or a name or letters? I’ve not done an actual design but will try and do one this week and see if I have a problem.

Frances: You can google acrylic tumbler, etc. I purchased through sewphisticated stitcher.

I am just embroidering names on them for the playtex create your own sippy cups, and for the acrylic tumbler. I was using a 90/14 needle and changed to a 75/11 (which made it break worse) and I changed from poly to rayon thread, and still have the same troubles. I have also tried changing up my stabilizer. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!!!!! Thanks!!!

Frances: The acrylic tumblers are on sale now at and when they have them in stock you can also get them at

keepingyouinstitches: I think that I have solved my thread breaking problems. I think that I was just choosing fonts that were too narrow. When I use a bolder, wider font I don’t have any trouble at all. Thanks goodness, I didn’t want to be stuck with a stack of kiwi paper that I couldn’t use! Thanks!

Try looking on for all your kiwi paper and acrylics needs

I need some help with the kiwi paper. I’ve played around with it and I don’t like how I can see where the needle goes through on the side of the embroidery design. Do you have that problem? Does my tension need to be different when I’m working with this paper? Do I need sharper needles?


I just ordered some kiwi paper and finished my project and I feel the same way. I don’t like how you can see the stiches on the final project. I did go out and buy the 75/11 needles and I am going to try that but did it ever worl out correctly for you and what did you use to make it look better?

If you go to they have some info on how to embroider on the paper.

Jennifer, you may need to decrease the density of your design
Make sure you are using an 11/75 sharp needle.

I have found 2 Friends have the best price for KIWI paper.

I’ve purchased some Kiwi Paper from Neil Enterprises. They have great acrylics blank to embroider in as well. Their stuff is pretty neat!

At AllStitch embroidery supplies we have a huge selection of Kiwi paper and acrylic embroidery blanks.

Check us out

Hi just got a delivery of kiwi paper imported from the US, am desperate to get started but don’t know how to start. I have an embroidery machine and would like to embroider motifs, do I need to attatch a stabilizer and does the paper hoop like fabric? Sorry this is all new and I’m self taught X Hope someone can help

I cannot figure out how to hoop the kiwi paper. I have a janome 300e. Thank you so much for any help you can give me.

I used the 5 x 7 hoop and lightly sprayed 505 on it and gently laid the paper on….embroidered away and pulled it off the stabilizer very gently. Hope this helps!

I think you have noted some very interesting details, appreciate it for the post.

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