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Vicky, the lush bowler!

Posted on: February 4, 2008


This is Vicky.  Vicky is on my Weds. morning bowling team.  Vicky also bowls in the couples Sunday night league.  Vicky bowls well on Sunday’s because she’s been drinking.  So I felt that a little drinky pooh might help her bowling on Weds. mornings.  This is Vicky drinking a Vodka Gimlet – the sticker on the glass says “Brain Food”, which I peeled off a banana.

Yes, Vicky did bowl well that morning. 

Conclusion: Vicky needs to drink Weds. mornings for her team!!!


2 Responses to "Vicky, the lush bowler!"

Good friend, helping a good friend go bad (badder) for the sake of the team. You are such a cheerleader! 🙂

Yep, once a cheerleader, always a cheerleader! I don’t remember those old fight (school)songs for nothing.

My mother always told me that when I got older I would have voice problems because of my loud mouth – oh jeez, you don’t think that’s the laryngitis problem now, do you? LOL

Another thing that was drilled into my head “I can’t wait till you grow up and find out that not everything is funny.” Hmmm….let’s see, I have friends, she doesn’t, yada, yada, yada.

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