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Which one of these would you put through the washer?

Posted on: February 1, 2008

1.  Your cell phone

2.  An empty detergent bottle


In the last two days I’ve washed both!  Of course, this is the third cell phone that’s gone through the washing machine – however, I remembered it was in my pants pocket before it went through the whole cycle.  The other cell phone was dropped in the toilet…don’t even ask!!??!!  And I’m pleased to announce, after drying out, it’s still working. Three cheers for me!

As far as the detergent bottle …. we were getting ready to go out to dinner and all of a sudden the washer started thumping – like it was off balance. So I checked it and lo and behold! the detergent bottle was getting washed right along with the sheets.  But my excuse for that is “doesn’t everyone put out clean things for their recycling”?

Kind of ironic when I’m dealing with an elderly mother making poor decisions and I do stupid things like this.  Or maybe because I’m dealing with an elderly mother is the reason I’m doing things like this! 


3 Responses to "Which one of these would you put through the washer?"

You’re lucky. Back in November my cell phone went for a swim. For a day or two I thought it might survive, but it finally gave up. I even took it off and put it off to the side to make sure it didn’t fall in, but when I scooped it up, it took a swan dive right out of the holster. It’s not just you–I’m sure there are lots of stories, but others just don’t have the guts to post them!

I do think cell phones are indestructible. I’ve dropped mine about 10 times. No problem.

Sorry, I have to disagree; the first two I put the washer never worked again – nor did the one I dropped in the toilet. I think it’s something to do with luck!

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