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Acid reflux, Gerd, and Bravo!

Posted on: January 28, 2008

Dr. had a cancellation after the disasterous fiasco of last Monday when the monitor that went with the Bravo capsule wouldn’t work.

Ta-Da!  Today it did.  So now my body is technically challenged, instead of just my brain.

Throat is a little sore when I swallow but I sure can’t tell that capsule is attached to my esophagus.  Wonder if I’ll be able to tell when it sluffs off?

Turn the monitor back in to be read on Weds. Don’t see the Dr. for 4 weeks for the results – am going to try like crazy to lose some weight between now and then.  I do realize that my diet has to change!  How am I going to live without tomatoes?  I may just suck it up and know I’m going to be in agony – especially when garden tomatoes are in season.


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