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To The Melting Pot for dinner with friends…..

Posted on: January 27, 2008

Pat and I had convinced our husbands that we needed to go The Melting Pot  in Nashville for dinner last night.  I called and made reservations.

When we arrived, there were lots of people waiting to be called to their tables.  Finally, we were taken to our table – a table with only “one pot”.  I inquired how we were supposed to cook our own dinner when we were ordering different things with only one burner at the table.

The person seating us, must have felt the same way because instead of her coming back she sent the manager.  The manager then tried to explain to me that their reservation policy is one burner per 4 people.  Then he tried to explain to me that if there are 5 people or more, they get seated at a two burner table.

Isn’t this ironic?  A few weeks ago, 4 women (Pat, Velma, Emily and myself) had gone there for dinner and we had two burners at our table for 4 – even tho’ according to the manager, this is not their policy!

So we made the decision to leave!  Probably not many people walk out of The Melting Pot!

I informed the manager that they need to state when making reservations, that 4 people will need to order the same thing to eat because you’ll only have one burner to cook your own food.

So we got back in the car (after paying $19, yes $19) to park the friggin’ car!  Drove back to Bowling Green and ate at Lonestar.

My hubby did declare that we’ll go back, during the week, and yes, when making the reservations I will ask for a two burner table! And if that doesn’t work, I’ll tell them there are 5 people and when we get there, I’ll tell them the fifth person died enroute!  One way or another, 4 of us will be sitting at a two burner table!

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You go Girl!

Dear Stiches,

I am the owner of the Melting Pot. Thank you for your blog entry. It is helpful to know what some of our guest may be thinking and it keeps us aware of misunderstanding that we are unaware of.

Please call me and I will share the secret of how to get a two burner table for 4. Typically we guaratnee the tables for larger parties. We take credit cards to hold those tables and thier is a charge for no shows. I hope you would consider the other guests who may not be able to come because the larger table is being held by a smaller party.

The experience is very enjoyable with one burner, sharing is part of fondue. Occasionally we will seat the larger tables at less than capacity. It sounds like you and yor girlfriends were the beneficiaries of one such occasion.

I am traveling this week and will available at the Melting Pot in Houston 713-532-5011 or you can e-mail me a contact number. I look foward to speaking with you.

All the best,


PS – I would be happy to pay for the parking on your next visit. $19 is crazy – I would love to know where that lot is so I can pass it on to the Chamber of Commerce.

The old “it’s who you know” deal? “Call me and I’ll give you the secret password.” Strange.

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