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Cat has come to the other side (AKA: when your hoo-hoo dries up!)

Posted on: January 25, 2008

Knitting coffee group again this morning at Panera’s; was a small group – maybe because of the bitter cold.  But there’s enough hot flashes going on around the table, that Panera’s could probably have turned down the heat!

Cat, poor, poor Cat, found out this week “she’s in menopause”.  But being the woman that she is, she’s embracing it and proud of the fact!  She stuck a candle in her donut (I mean, pastry!) and lit it and we sang Happy Birthday to her – and welcomed her to old age – even tho’ she’s in her late 40’s.  She was proud of her hormone pills (sample pack) and showed them to everyone; however, it was pointed out to her that she’s already screwed up on taking them because she “punched” out a pill on the wrong day.  Yep, we cackled over that one.

She did ask the Dr. why her hot flashes didn’t include her feet because they are always like chunks of ice!

Yes, our little group celebrates not only the big things in life but also the little ones.

Disclaimer: Previous post regarding a hoo-hoo is not Cat. 

3 Responses to "Cat has come to the other side (AKA: when your hoo-hoo dries up!)"

ahhhhhhhh…….now on for the spicier side of life!!

Welcome to the other side! HA!

As for now, we’re letting Cat think it’s the spicier side of life….of course, if she thinks more aches and pains are spicier….

Oh but the best thing, you can avoid 2 aisles at the grocery – the baby aisle and the feminine products aisle. LOL

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