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Sock club – I’m in!

Posted on: January 19, 2008

Received a newsletter from Angel Hair Yarn Co.  that they are allowing 10 people to sign up for the sock club starting in June – April ’09.  Sounded like fun; $10 to join; free sock pattern and 10% off purchase.  I love getting newsletters from yarn shops!  Seems like someone is always doing something new and fun.  I know that some yarn shops think that websites, etc. take sales from them…I  would look at it as a way to keep in touch with customers and let them know what is going on – should be used as an enhancement to a shop.

Anyway, back to the sock club – only 10 people will get the same kind of yarn!  Cool, huh?


4 Responses to "Sock club – I’m in!"

How did you get so smart?
A blog is the perfect way for a shop owner to show off new inventory, announce services, classes, etc.

I ran across a quilt blog the other day and that’s what she did. She put up pictures of her new inventory, and had a class schedule.

It’s a smart move, especially since blogs are so easy to maintain.

I emailed them last night and they answered they still have room so, I am calling this morning to get in. Do they mail the yarn or does this mean we will be making a monthly trip to the shop? I vote for the monthly trip!

Hmmm…..trip sounds good to me! LOL I inquired about it and they said they can mail it also. Just depends on how busy I am, etc. whether I make the trip down there. But they do have evening hours and Sunday hours, so that’s also a possibility!

I am in!

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