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Posted on: January 15, 2008


Ooh…..aaaahhh……not the scarf, the needles!  What a dream these stiletto needles are to work with!  Because their tips are so pointed, there’s no splitting of the yarn, etc.  They are so nice to work with using the Quviuk yarn.  Needles can be purchased here:  You can get the phone number from the website and if you order before the end of January (by phone only), and say “07 in 08” – you can get the 2007 price.  Yes, they cost a bit more, but my gosh, once you knit with them, you’ll wonder why you hesitated!  And no, I don’t get a commission!

pointedstiletto.jpgI’m not sure if you can tell by the picture or not how pointed the end is….

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Greetings from Minneapolis, Minnesota,
My husband has a Quivik hat we purchases in Canada, which he is attached to more than he should be : ) I cannot find any stores that sell scarves used with Quivik and I was wondering if you have any completed scarves you would sell and/or knit one for us? Contacting me via my email would be best.
Thank you!
Liba Zweigbaum-Herman

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