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If it’s Friday, the group is a knittin’ at Panera’s!

Posted on: January 11, 2008

Small group this morning at Panera’s but it was just as lively as if there were a lot!  What a great group because everyone is so willing to help you.  Two of us (Emily and I) got just the assistance we needed.  She’s getting ready to start a red coat type sweater; and I dropped some stitches and could not figure out how to get back on track with the pattern; but with frogging and knitting, frogging and knitting, I received the help I needed and I’m not off and knitting.

Picked up the greatest magazine at Barnes and Noble yesterday called Simply Knitting from England.  What a wonderful magazine, lots of great websites, wonderful free patterns inside and some really nice instructional pictures.

Then on to Red Lobster to celebrate Glenna’s 60th!  If you haven’t tried the Lobster Pizza at Red Lobster, you should!


2 Responses to "If it’s Friday, the group is a knittin’ at Panera’s!"

If I loose another 3 pounds this week on Weight Watchers to the total 10 off, then let’s celebrate at Red Lobster and I’ll try the lobster pizza too. I’ll have to figure out how many points it is, but it will be worth every bite.

Cool! I’ll be pulling for you to lose those pounds! Isn’t that pizza just the best?!

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